10 septiembre, 2015

Miami: Gondwana talks about Reggae ‘N’ Roll


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Gondwana, one of the most representative reggae bands in South America will take the Señor Frogs stage in Miami on Friday, Sept. 11.

“We want to invite you to this new musical experience that’s Reggae ‘N Roll, Gondwana’s new album – who’s getting close to its 30 years of history- and to share with us this new and entertaining journey. Thanks for your support Miami” said I Locks Labbé inviting their followers to the upcoming show in Miami.

Only two days away from their presentation at Señor Frogs Miami, I Locks Labbé talks about one of the precedent bands of South American reggae, Gondwana. For over 25 years Gondwana has represented the Latin Reggae scene not only in their natal country, Chile, but all around South America. Furthermore, the band’s bassist and founder, I Locks Labbé, contributed to the Q&A with Examiner.com.

Valeria: Touring with ‘Reggae ‘N Roll’, which is the most memorable experience for Gondwana?

Ultimately, being on tour is an event, not to mention presenting new songs that provoke adrenaline and a challenging effect.

I Locks Labbé: What inspired you to compose the single “Mucho verso” (Too phony).

We chose “Mucho Verso” because this song expresses our way of thinking, we are tired of “populist” people and their rhetoric speeches and who aren’t capable of complying even with them. In the same manner, people who overuse almost “messianic” resources with the only interest of having more followers. Eventually, we don’t appreciate that, thus, it was as a good topic to put in a song.

V: Was there an anecdote behind its lyrics?

I.L: All of the songs have anecdotes and stories, our lyrics highlight our experiences. They are part of the happenings in our lives. Moreover, that’s what our records are, the diary of our lives.

V: Why did you decide to go back to the band’s roots in your latest album?

I.L: I think the reason is being faithful to our own feelings. Also, is the growing path that gives you the confidence to do whatever you want to do without questioning so much, but having fun in the process and doing it the right way.

V: There are two covers in Reggae ‘N Roll, both from Argentinean rock bands: “Que Ves” from Divididos and “El Rito” from the iconic “Soda Stereo”. How do you relate to these songs?

I.L: They represent an era that is contemporary to ours. We chose them, because their stories are parallel to our band’s own story and they generate a proper ambiance to Reggae ‘N Roll. They’re quiet evolutionary and regressive at the same time. Gondwana spends long periods of time touring.

V: What do you enjoy and miss the most while being away from home?

I.L.: Eventually, being away from our families, to miss important moments with our children, is a reality we have to assume. On the other hand, when you are part of the same band for so many years, you establish strong boundaries that help surpass that feeling of absence while touring. Again, those boundaries provoke a fun ambiance and happiness; those feelings inject all of us with great energy which help us develop the tours in the best way possible.

V: What expectations do you have for Reggae ‘N Roll?

I.L.:The best. We know that Reggae ‘N Roll is a great album and there are different bends on this journey in comparison to our other albums. However, the honesty in the music will open its way to our followers and the people that is listening to Gondwana for the first time.